Angels have been known to many cultures and most religions for thousands of years and interest in them does not diminish in the modern world. There is a widespread folk belief that unexpectedly finding a white feather can indicate their presence. Indeed it may be said that birds and angels have an affinity in that they both share the heavenly realm and have mastery of the skies.

In 2017 artist Anne Reeves took a walk every day of the year to find a feather and record its location. The feathers together with their GPS locations and find dates now form this visual record of the years’ walks. All took place in the UK, many in Anne’s home village of Westonzoyland on the Somerset Levels but others were made on visits to Birmingham, Kent, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Yorkshire, Wiltshire and East Anglia. Some walks were short excursions while others of several hours duration. They have taken in diverse landscapes from coast to field, in city and in garden, on marsh and hilltop and perhaps, even fleetingly, standing in the footprint of an Angel.

BBC R4 23/12/18 Beyond Belief : a survey found 1 in 3 people believe in Angels; 1 in 10 claim to have seen or heard an Angel. This figure has doubled in the last 6 years

Accuracy of GPS is 3 to 5 metres but for the protection of privacy only whole numbers are entered on the exhibited labels thereby reducing precision to within a 30-50 metre range. Some data may therefore appear to duplicate and two identical labels do not necessarily mean the exact same spot.